Tartan has returned to imprint itself all over the coolest garments of the season. Trousers, blazers, and over the knee shorts form part of this autumn’s most British styles.

Tartan patterns paint the coolest looks of the fall season

Tartan patterns, also know as Scottish or Prince of Wales plaids, have their origins in the 18th century. So far reaching is it’s influence that even decades later it still continues to slip into the world of fashion and still holds its place as one of the most influential trends of all times.

Tartan patterns once again invade the FW20 runways adapting to an active, cosmopolitan woman. This pattern has been reinvented with a much more sophisticated style and with more French influences.

At Tot-Hom&Co we have surrendered ourselves to this very British style. The famous Scottish pattern has been cast impeccably in our Línea A collection and we have done it in the form of three basic garments: trousers, blazers, and knee-length shorts.

In our latest collection , we wanted to combine a variety of prints in the same style with multiple garments thus creating total looks in tartan prints. But also we wanted to leave the print as the focal point by combining it with plain sweaters of the same hue.

Below, we who you three looks from our FW20 Line A collection where you will see tartan prints claiming their rightful space.

1. Suit jacket with shorts

tartan trend
2. Red plaid pants

cuadros tartán
3. Navy plaid pants

cuadros tartán

It’s impossible not to succumb to its charm, don’t you think?