In today´s post we bring you some of the sweetest styles of the moment. We are talking about outfits that combine garments dyed completely in pink, thus giving a breath of sweetness, creating ideal compositions for spring. Discover our most desired sweet looks of the season below.

Discover 5 sweet looks in perfect pink

You won´t find it surprising when we tell you that pink is one of the best colours to wear in spring. But we do want to make sure you know that wearing just the right pink garments will transform your looks into the coolest and edgiest of the moment.

In the latest collection from Line A, we wanted to create a special point of focus. For this reason, we designed 5 garments in our fetish colour of the moment, pink, pieces you will fall in love with at first sight.

The thing we like best about these designs is their versatility. And, as you will see, they will be your go-to pieces that save your style dilemmas on a number of occasions. You´ll find mid-season jackets and blazers that you´ll be able to wear every day, jumpsuits that you can wear for casual or special events, by accessorizing with sneakers or heels, or midi dresses that adapt to any occasion.

Here are our 5 sweet looks in perfect pink

1. Mid-season pink jacket

sweet looks in perfect pink

2. Pink mini dress

sweet looks in perfect pink

3. Oversized pink jumpsuit

sweet looks in perfect pink

4. Long pink blazer

sweet looks in perfect pink

5. Pink blazer

sweet looks in perfect pink
You can find these and many more items at our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona and some of these items are also available on our shop online.