We are just days away from higher temperatures inserting themselves definitively into our daily lives. A summer heat that we have to manage by opting for the most appropriate garments. Today at Tot-Hom&Co we want to share with you all the summer tops that will help you fight the summer heat.

Summer tops by Tot-Hom&Co

When the sun is bearing down we want to dress as cool as possible. And there is no doubt that strappy tops become one of our best allies on these occasions. Tops for summer that you can combine with light skirts, capris or shorts of all kinds.

We´re talking about garments from Sweet Couture by Tot-Hom, pieces created with two of the most iconic prints of all time: polka dots and stripes.

As for colours, we opted for softer neutral tones. Colours typical for this time of year, such as light grey and sky blue, colours that invite us to be carried away by sweetness. Without forgetting, of course, basics like white and black; the latter is perfect for summer nights.

Below we have a selection of 5 versatile summer tops that you will get a lot of use out of this season:

1. Sky blue top with stripes

Summer tops

2. Grey top with polka dots

tops para verano

3. Asymmetrical striped top

tops para verano

4. Asymmetrical white top

tops para verano

5. Top with black polka dots

tops para verano

All of these tops and many more are available on our online shop and in our multi-brand stores in Barcelona.

And for those of you who want to see more tops and a variety of designs, you can do so by clicking here.