Although there are still two months to go until we officially welcome summer, we are still looking forward to that day arriving as soon as possible. We can´t wait for that moment when we can don sandals for the first time. This desire leads us to look for opened toed shoes and try to find the most stylish sandals of the moment.

Suecomma Bonnie sandals

the most stylish sandals for this summer

Sandals are one of the most essential accessories for summer and Tot-Hom&Co has found the perfect models for this summer. They are flat, colourful and ever so stylish.

We´re talking about designs from the well-known Korean firm Suecomma Bonnie. A signature shoe made by hand that is characterized by the use of high quality leather from Spain and Italy. The brands rapid expansion has allowed it to provide shoes to a multitude of celebrities since its founding.

They check all the boxes to become one of the most desired and instagramable shoes of the moment, because their designs have people falling in love at first sight. Their bright colours have the power to elevate any look to near perfection. Yellow, green, blue, fuchsia… a chromatic palette that masterfully combines jewelled details and tulle flowers.

Sandals that are designed for women who love fashion, comfort and style. They are perfect for combining with all kinds of dresses, shorts, jeans or flowy pants. Ideal for informal looks, and yet simultaneously perfect for adding a touch of cool to outfits for a night on the town.

Below, we show you a selection of the sandals we have available at Tot-Hom&Co.

• Green sandals with jewel detailThe most stylish sandals for this summer
• Yellow sandals with jewel detailThe most stylish sandals for this summer
• Blue sandals with tulle flowersThe most stylish sandals for this summer
• Black sandals with jewel bucklesThe most stylish sandals for this summer
• Grey sandalsThe most stylish sandals for this summer

Which of these sandals will be part of your summer wardrobe? You can find them in all of our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona: C / Rosselló, 271 and C / Balmes, 239!