We would be lying if we said that bags weren’t important to a feminine look.  Everyone knows that it is the essential accessory in our daily lives.  That is why today, from Tot-Hom & Co we want to focus on this accessory and we want to do it by sharing with all of you the straw totes and summer bags that will add the perfect touch to your look.  Are you ready?

Discover the trendiest straw totes and summer bags of the moment

Many of us consider a bag an extension of the our body.  The truth is that we cannot imagine leaving home without it.  Inside it we carry practically everything we need for our daily lives: our cell phone, house keys, calendar, a mini toiletry bag with our basics, sunglasses, charger… Things that we need to survive the day.

A good bag is even more important when it comes to a specific profile of woman, like the working woman, who may also need to carry her tablet or laptop, or the busy mom who will probably carry things for her baby or toddler.

Whatever the profile, it is clear that we love our bags large and light so that it easily fits everything we need without weighing us down.

At Tot-Hom & Co we have prepared a selection of bags that we believe are perfect for everyday use and that meet these important requirements.

Straw totes with a touch of color

It’s an option that we love for summer.  Not only for going to the beach, but they are also ideal for those afternoon walks that last until sunset or for any meal out with friends.

Bags for the working woman

It couldn’t be left out from our list of favorites, Tissa Fontaneda bags.  Ideal for office looks.  A signature classic that will never go out of style.

complementos de verano

Bags perfect for everyday

And to add a touch of energy and vitality to our outfit, we love the new Tot-Hom designs for summer with bold, beautiful colors.  A practical and extremely versatile bag that will become your best ally.

bolsos de piel tot-hom

Which of these straw totes and summer bags would you love to keep?