As spring is arriving, we want to show you a selection of garments that will be your best ally this time of year. At Tot-Hom we have prepared a special post about jackets and blazers that will solve all of your fashion dilemmas. Are you ready?

Discover the special selection of jackets and blazers for this SS21

If you have been following us for a long time, you will know that jackets and blazers are two iconic Tot-Hom garments that have accompanied us every season and are capable of transforming any look.

Never before has such a classic garment stayed so trendy after so many years.

Over the years we have adapted to trends and have discovered the infinite possibilities that we can give them, in order to create completely new and different looks.

We leave you with some examples of how a jacket or blazer can change your looks, if you know how to combine them correctly.

This season the most daring street style proposes the Bermuda suit style, which allows you to wear it with sandals or with flats.

Another option to give it your own style is to create a look by wearing a jacket or blazer with a daring blet cinched at the waist. By doing this we get a more informal and fresher look.

Another perfect way to mix and match is to combine it with jeans. It will always give you a neat but informal look, without sacrificing on elegance.

Give life to your clothes. Flip up your lapels and roll up your sleeves. Combine them with a pair of shorts, a pencil skirt or a pair of jeans. Look for the perfect top to match, whether it´s with a knit tee, a fitted top, or a shirt. In this way we will be able to give it an informal touch and more in line with the trends of this spring summer 2021

And we put the final touch on it with our accessories in the shape of a flower. Have you seen the ones we have created for this collection?

We leave you some examples of our jackets and blazers for this SS21 season.