The moment for wearing sandals is right around the corner and, like every year, we need to be ready. And who doesn´t love donning a new pair of sandals every year?

With laces, full of colour or in animal print, these sandals are the sandals trending in fashion that you need for 2019.

The sandals you won´t be taking off this summer

The fact that they are so versatile, comfortable and easy to wear will make them your star accessory. They give that extra final touch of style to your outfits.

At Tot-Hom&Co we love sandals with personality, sandals that radiate style, that have you walking down the street with strength and confidence.

And it doesn´t even matter if you opt for a more basic look. If you complement your outfit with the right sandals you´ll have the PERFECT style.

Below you´ll find a selection of our favourite sandals for this summer. A selection that comes from the genius of Polly Plume and Suecomma Bonnie, a selection where you will find sandals in blue, in plastic, multi-coloured, with laces, in animal print…

A wide variety of options which of course had to include the slide sandal. A basic that year after year we just can´t seem to live without. A design that adds light and minimalism to our wardrobes. And a trend that will have to share the spot light with multi-coloured platform sandals.

All of the following selection will combine perfectly with flowy dresses, shorts, skirts, jumpsuits, culotte pants and every style of top.

You can find all of these options at our online shop and in our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona.

1. Blue sandals by Polly Plume

sandals polly plume
2. Transparent sandals by Polly Plume

polly plume sandals
3. Black sandals with laces by Polly Plume

black sandals polly plume
4. Beige sandals with laces by Polly Plume

beige polly plume sandals
5. Leopard print sandals by Polly Plume

animal print sandals polly plume
6. Multi-coloured sandals by Suecomma Bonnie

sandals suecomma bonnie
7. Khaki sandals by Suecomma Bonnie

sandals khaki suecomma bonnie

Which out of all of these will be the ones you won´t take off this summer? Tough decision!