The winter chill has arrived and with the drop in temperature we are all realizing that the essential item for the season is a good coat that protects us every day. Here at Tot-Hom&Co we know how important and how difficult it can be to find a coat that is both beautiful and simultaneously keeps us warm. Today we want to share with all of you a selection of quintessential coats for combating the winter chill. Take note!

Quintessential coats for this winter

We are at the beginning of 5 month of polar chill, but this year you can´t let the cold get the best of you. We have a selection of 5 perfect (and gorgeous) coats that will have you wishing the cold would last just a little longer.

Our search for the perfect coat brought us to two brands that are world renowned for the way the combine style with practicality, we are talking of course about the brands Woolrich and Aspesi.

These brands work with fabrics and materials specifically so that their garments are thermal and protect from the cold effectively. Their stamp of identity, designs that are urban and stylish.

The best part, because they are coats made of the highest quality materials you will have a coat that lasts a lifetime and you can enjoy it season after season. Even though trends may change, a timeless design in neutral colours will last and will become a part of your permanent wardrobe.

You can find each one of these selections on our online shop. Which one is your favourite?

Grey parka with fur hood WOOLRICH

Quintessential coats
Military green parka WOOLRICH

Black velvet coat ASPESI

Quintessential coats
Fur hood parka WOOLRICH

Quintessential coats
Navy blue coat with fur ASPESI

Quintessential coats