Today we want to invite you to get to know our workshop and to unveil the elaborate process behind creating a Tot-Hom wedding dress. It is a very special and extremely delicate process that always end with a spectacular haute couture wedding dress.

The bridal essence of Tot-Hom is present and palpable in each and every one of the bridal designs we create. Cosmopolitan designs as well as romantic designs and ones full of personality.

If anything, the common factor in all of the bridal designs from the firm is that they are made with the best fabrics and embroidery that is meticulously hand crafted by our couturières. A craft know-how that makes each and every designs unique.

This is the process of creating wedding dress of Tot-Hom

Andrea and Alejandra, reveal their process of creating a wedding dress.

The first step, physical contact with the bride, this happens during the bride´s scheduled appointment, and is always very special. The emotions and permanent smiles on their faces always betray a mixture of nerves and excitement.

For us it is a very special moment, since we always put ourselves in their shoes and we know that many of our customers have been waiting for this moment their entire lives. That is why we always try live the moment with the same intensity they do.

At first, we always ask them a few questions to give us context. For example: how does she envision herself, what style most defines her, where is the wedding going to take place, what type of celebration do they plan on having … Based on this information, we, together with the bride, begin to select several models to try.

The most important thing is to identify the pattern (cut of the dress) which best suits the bride´s body and represents her fashion sense.

Normally, we end up making very personalized designs, the advantage of having own workshop is that it allows us to make specific changes based on each individual bride´s needs and wants. For example, changing the fabric or making modifications in the form.

Once you have the feeling that you´ve found the wedding dress of your dreams, we take measurements and we reserve a day for the first fitting. This assignment goes to the patronage department for the custom pattern. It will then be cut and made.

The average is about 4 fittings before completion, ensuring that the dress is completely finished and fits perfectly to the body of the future bride.

Below you can see some photos of each step in the process of making a wedding dress in Tot-Hom’s workshop:

process for making a wedding dress

process for making a wedding dress

process for making a wedding dress

process for making a wedding dress