Anyone who knows us well knows that at Tot-Hom&Co we are unconditional admirers of plaid prints. A trend that has accompanied us season after season and does so in an array of versions. Today we want to share with all of you one of the garments that most identifies us: the plaid shirts.

These are the 3 plaid shirts that will revolutionize your looks

camisas de cuadros

Plaid shirts have become, for the last few years, our best ally. And it is the perfect solution when we don´t know what to wear but at the same time we want to opt for a deliberate and current look.

This year, our proposals are signed by Sweet Couture by Tot-Hom. Designs where greys and greens take centre stage.

We love them combined with our charcoal grey baggy pants!

Below are the 3 plaid shirts that were created with the aim of revolutionizing your coolest looks.

1. Oversized green plaid shirt

plaid shirts
2. Draped blouse in grey plaid

camisas de cuadros
3. Draped blouse in green plaid

camisas de cuadros

You can find all three available shirts at our online shop. Which one will become part of your closets?