Now that you have swapped out your summer wardrobe for your winter wardrobe you might have noticed you need to renew some of your essential pieces. Another year is coming to an end and it’s time to get rid of the things we no longer wear to make space for new pieces that will elevate our looks of the season. Today, on our blog we bring you the perfect wardrobe essentials for office attire.

Discover the key garments you need for the perfect wardrobe

Here at Tot-Hom&Co we always say that having a great wardrobe is essential. When we talk about “wardrobe essentials” we mean a small selection of garments that we wear almost like a uniform. They are the base pieces we use that are easily combined with other pieces but can be also be worn separately.

And, though it may seem hard to believe, with a good base it is much easier to define your style and always look impeccable.

Believe us, with the garments we are going to list for you below, you will never stand in front of your closet again and wonder, “what should I wear to work today?”

Here you have our list of the perfect closet essentials for office attire:

1. Black or beige coat

abrigo beige
2. Wool or cashmere sweater

jersey de lana marino
3. Baggy trousers

pantalones baggy pata de gallo
4. Knitted jacket and pant set

Perfect wardrobe essentials
5. Colour-block outfit

fondo de armario perfecto para la ofi

All of these garments are available at our online shop! And if you would like to see our complete collection all you need to do is click here.