Now, the countdown to much deserved vacations really begins. We are all that much closer to days where relaxation, disconnecting and tranquillity will be our only concerns. If you are one of the lucky ones who will be taking advantage to make an escapade, the time has come to think about what items you are going to put in your suitcase. You don´t want to be caught unprepared, you´ll need time to get the essentials you´ll need for the season. Today, at Tot-Hom&Co, we have some proposals for perfect vacation looks that are a must for your suitcase this summer.

8 perfect vacation looks

A favourite destination spot for summer vacations is without a doubt anywhere near the beach. Special places that allow us to enjoy the sun during the day, go for a walk in the afternoon and sip on a drink while watching the sunset. Different moments that each require different looks.

Packing your suitcase is never easy, that´s even more true when you are preparing for a trip of several days. That is why, at Tot-Hom&Co, we want to share with all of you some looks that will be your go-to´s for several occasions and will provide style, femininity and trendiness.

Below, we show you some perfect vacation outfits that can adapt wonderfully to different moments during your holidays:

– Floral dresses

The influencer Sofía Paramio has it clear, a basic essential for summer evenings that transmits sweetness and femininity.

Perfect vacation looks

– Bandeau bikini

The new collection of bikinis from Como un pez en el agua is perfect for those long days at the beach. Style, craftsmanship and femininity combine to create bikinis as ideal as this one. Maria Frubies already has hers!

Perfect vacation looks

– White blouses with special details

A basic for our summer wardrobe. A sleeveless blouse, cool and amazingly versatile, it can be worn with shorts to go for a walk or with jeans and good wedges to go out for dinner.

Perfect vacation looks

– Spaghetti strap top with white pants

It is a super comfortable and very flattering set. The best part, you wear them together or separately as they are two extremely versatile garments.

Perfect vacation looks

– Oversized pants

One of our favourites! A bell-bottom trousers with embroidered motifs that are on the verge of becoming the revolution of the summer.

Perfect vacation looks

– Total looks in pink

Mono-colour looks are more up to date than ever. Opt for skinny jeans, jewelled mules and a short sleeve top and you’ll achieve a look with overwhelming personality.

Perfect vacation looks

– Maxi dresses

If you are going to be a guest at a wedding with a Mediterranean flavour or have a summer party, this embroidered maxi dress may be your best bet. The back says it all!

Perfect vacation looks

– Perforated white dress

The quintessential summer basic. There is no summer without a white dress. Combine it with a colourful maxi necklace for a more formal look or wear it with a straw bag to for a very cute afternoon ensemble.

Perfect vacation looks

Which of these proposals do you like the most? You can find them all in our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona!