At Tot-Hom&Co we have always been firm believers that accessories are key, no matter the outfit.  Accessories have the incredible power to enhance looks and help us get the best out of our outfits. That´s why today, we bring you the perfect summer accessories to help you achieve captivating summer looks.

Discover the 5 perfect summer accessories

One of the most important factors we look for in a summer accessory, it must have a splash of color. Nothing is more complementary than a bag or a pair of shoes in bright energetic colors paired with more neutral garments. The contrast is fabulous and intoxicating. 

In addition, one of the greatest advantages of accessories is their versatility. You can adapt your looks with a great accessory and great accessories can be worn with an array of outfits. For example, you can easily wear the same look for day and night. The key is that for the day look you could pair your outfit with a woven tote and change it up at night with a sleek handbag. It´s a matter of playing and combining items depending on the time of day and wear you plan on going.

Below we have 5 summer accessories you can find in our stores and in our online shop. Bags and shoes that have all the attributes to make them your perfect summer allies, to create fabulous fashion combinations.

Without a doubt an investment you won´t regret.  

Orange bag by Tissa Fontaneda

Orange bag by Tissa Fontaneda

bolso tissa fontaneda

Woven tote with a splash of color

complementos de verano
Multicolor mules

Mules with blue details

Aspesi sneakers

complementos de verano 2020

Which one will become your favorite summer accessory?