The bank holiday in December is one of the most anticipated of the year. Four days to escape, disconnect and recharge. The Tot-Hom&Co team wants to help you with something essential, packing the perfect suitcase. Today, on our blog we have tips on how to pack the perfect suitcase for this bank holiday. Get ready to take notes!

The perfect suitcase for the upcoming bank holiday

perfect suitcase

Suitcases for a bank holiday, in general, tend to be more difficult to pack than a suitcase for a regular weekend. More days to pack for means more days to plan for and more items to bring.

And, just imagine if we end up having to pack on a particularly indecisive day, it could take us hours and hours to decide which garments to opt for, to choose outfits that are the most appropriate and then we start throwing things in “just in case” for no good reason. Well, the moment has finally arrived to learn how to pack practically and resolutely, focusing solely on essentials.

First and foremost, we want to give you some tips

  • Roll-up garments when placing them in your suitcase so they occupy less space, this way you can avoid having to take an extra bag.
  • Pre-plan your outfits for each day. If we start throwing in loose garments just because we like them, we will likely end up over packing. By planning our outfits ahead of time we can be assured that we take the things we need an avoid bringing things we don´t.
  • Make a check list of items you will need before you start to pack. Mark things off as you go, it’s the best way to avoid forgetting something you need.

And now, here is our list of the best items that should be in your suitcase for the December bank holiday. Keep in mind that this suitcase has been designed exclusively for a winter getaway, so our focus will be on warm clothing able to withstand low temperatures.

1. A good down parka

perfect suitcase
2. Ankle boots with fur

perfect suitcase
3. A high-collard cashmere sweater and jeans

perfect suitcase
4. A burgundy outfit, ideal for a mountain getaway

perfect suitcase
5. A thinner wool coat, to have as a second option

6. Heeled-ankle boots, perfect for a dinner out

perfect suitcase

This is just a small sample of apparel for the perfect suitcase for this bank holiday. You can find many more options in our online shop.