It appears that little by little life is starting to return to normal and some of the events we had planned for this year are getting back on track. This is why today, we want to show you the perfect dresses for special events so you can make a memorable entrance at the next celebration you attend.

Perfect special event dresses to dazzle

vestidos de invitada

As you know, our haute couture collection is made up of a large number of designs that adapt to different styles, ages, and silhouettes. 

We are referring of course to the dresses, jumpsuits and suits tailored exclusively for our clients, unique pieces that you can customize to your liking. You could, for example, shorten the length, add or remove sleeves, create the design in another color, the options are almost endless.

The Tot-Hom team has made a selection of formal attire that can serve to inspire you for future events and celebrations. You will find flowy dresses, tighter options, and other formal and informal options.

As you can see we try to adapt and take into consideration the types of occasions you need to dress for and what type of outfit is most appropriate and flattering for such occasions. These are the haute couture dresses specifically designed to dazzle while at the same time made to make you feel 100% comfortable.

Below, we have a selection of 5 special event dresses that we think are perfect for wearing to important celebrations and are extremely flattering. We also invite you to discover the entire collection, here.


vestidos de invitada perfectos

vestidos de invitada verano


tot-hom alta costura