Last week we revealed some details from the next Line A collection, today we want to do the same with our Pret-a-Porter FW18 collection.

Alejandra and Andrea, eager to showcase their new proposals for the upcoming fall / winter season 2018, reveal some details we can expect to see in the Tot-Hom Pret-a-Porter FW18 collection by Tot-Hom and what garments, fabrics and colours we will see.

This is what we can expect in the next collection Pret-a-Porter FW18 by Tot-Hom

Pret-a-Porter FW18

– What is the inspiration behind the Pret-a-Poter FW2018 collection?
For this line, we were inspired by a modern woman, lover of fashion, trends and quality. A feminine woman, with personality who is cosmopolitan.

– What colours can we expect to see?
For this season, we have opted for camel, tweed, grey, khaki, navy blue, burgundy, greens and black.

– What fabrics will we see?
There is a fabric that will take on a special role this season: wool crepe. But we will also include other high quality fabrics.

– What type of garments will dominate the collection?
As the collection is for autumn-winter, we could not stop focusing on jackets and coats.

– Define Pret-a-Porter FW2018 in three words
Cool, classic renovated and quality.

– If you could only keep one item it would be …
Without a doubt, a coat.