The navy trend is back once again and, when it returns, we lose our way with all its proposals. It is a symbol of the French chic but it’s linked to the nautical esthetic; there isn’t a firm that has not opted for this trend, or a woman who hasn’t added a navy motif to her look at some point in her life.

Sailor stripes t-shirts, golden buttons, navy blue and sometimes beige and red are one of the greatest classics in the fashion world, immortal and imperishable, always absolute trend, very flattering and a clear example of how a single garment can encompass infinite number of different and even opposite styles.

This season, in Tot-Hom, we go for different navy style garments, a line that always inspires summer and that we know will look good on you.

And because we know that an image is worth more than a thousand words, here are some snapshots of the most navy garments of the collection.


tendencia marinera