Has this ever happened to you? There´s a new trend that you love, but when you try it on for the first time you realize, that trend doesn’t really suite your body type. Today, on the Tot-Hom&Co blog, we want to share with all of you the trends that will be the most flattering according to your figure.

The most flattering trends for every figure


Not all bodies are the same and not all trends are suitable for all bodies. It´s important to know our silhouette and to know how we can accentuate our best features.

– Pear shaped silhouette

A body type where the shoulders are narrower than the hips and the waistline is marked. For this body type it is important to find the right balance between the top and bottom half of the body. People with this silhouette should opt for blouses or oversized jackets and a skinny pant. Ruffled tops or tops with playful prints will be your best allies.

– Inverted triangle

The shoulders are wider than the hips. Stick to tops that are solid colours and more playful, attention grabbing garments on the bottom. Ruffled skirts are a perfect option. And the colour that will best achieve an ideal equilibrium is lavender.

– Apple silhouette

A body type where the shoulders are rounded, the legs are thin and the waist is wide. What are the best allies this season for this silhouette? Oversized jump suits and mom pants. Be sure to avoid the combination of tops with wide waists.

– Hour-glass silhouette

Body types where the shoulder and hips are similarly proportioned and the waistline comes in. For this body type we recommend trends like shoulders pads and dresses with slits.

– Rectangular silhouette

Similar to an hour-glass silhouette except the waistline is not as accentuated. These silhouettes are the best for playing with volumes. Patchwork dresses and paper bag pants are the trends that will have you looking phenomenal if this is your body type.

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