Recently midi skirts have conquered hearts in the fashion world and amongst trend setters. The most stylish garment of the moment has taken over street styles in major cities all over the world.

These are the most desired midi skirts by Tot-Hom

faldas midi

There are many trends that come and go, just a blip on the fashion radar. But midi skirts, it seems, refuse to disappear from our lives. What´s even more, this seasons they appear to have returned with more force and strength than ever.

Their influence on the fashion world has already made them an essential part of our wardrobes. Whenever we want to guarantee a successful, stylish look we reach straight for a midi skirt. 

Their reign on the fashion world materializes in various versions and trends. Here is our list of the midi skirts we believe will be the best bets for summer:

Ruffled midi skirt

faldas midi volantes

Printed skirt

Pleated midi skirt

Midi skirt with front buttons

Oversized style

oversize falda midi

As you can see we have a wide selection of skirts to adapt to different styles, tastes and personalities. But all of them have one very important thing in common, each and every one of them is flattering and stylish in equal parts.

Now it´s your turn to decide which one you think suits you best. We invite you to discover all of the proposals from our latest collection, here. Which one tickles your fancy?