Sudden changes in the weather and the slow return to a new normal after nearly two months in our homes can lead to a lack of fashion inspiration. These factors can make it really daunting when trying to pick out the perfect look every morning. But fear not, at Tot-Hom&Co we have the solution to your fashion woes. We bring you the 5 midi dresses that will solve that annoying “what to wear” moment first thing in the morning.

Discover the midi dresses that will steal your heart

In the middle of spring and with temperatures already reaching summer heights, it´s normal that we are finding it more difficult to decide on the best outfit to face the day. That´s where midi dresses come in, they are our best ally for this moment of the year.

Like a magic formula, capable of instantly calming our doubts while providing us with a high score in the style category. 

This single garment will cure your morning headaches, you know the ones you normally get as you stand and stare at your closet not knowing what to wear. Of course, you have to find the right dress for you, luckily at Tot-Hom & Co we have prepared the best selection for you.

 The key is to go for flowy dresses, comfortable but with details that make it special, like a small gather, a ruffled sleeve or an eye-catching print. Obtaining the perfect look couldn´t be easier.

Are you ready to discover your dream dress of the season? All of the dresses you see here are available in our online shop.


vestidos midi flores

vestido midi blanco


vestido midi estampado