It looks as though good weather is finally creeping into our lives. A few rays of sunshine that brighten our days and invite us to dream of chic outfits of the season. Today on our blog we want to share with all of you the best selection of midi dresses for daywear.

Midi dresses you´ll be longing for this season

If there is one thing we have clear it´s that the garment we tend to like most when warmer seasons come around (due to their comfort, freshness and versatility) is dresses. A garment that solves most of our “what should I wear?” dilemmas, and saves us from having to think about combining tops with bottoms. Not to mention that they look phenomenal no matter who is wearing them.

This season at Tot-Hom&Co we wanted to make sure dresses had their special place in the spotlight. And for this reason we have designed an ample collection of daywear dresses so you can choose the option that you like the most.

The midi cut is the one that we think is perfect for all ages. And it has the right length to give your look an elegant yet casual style at the same time. Perfect to wear with sandals, sneakers or wedges.

Below, we have a list of our particular favourites. These are the midi dresses that you will want this season and that you will not want to take off under any circumstances. You can see them all here.

1. Midi dress in a print

vestidos midi
2. Midi dress in turquoise linen

vestidos midi
3. Midi dress in beige with short sleeves

vestidos midi
4. Grey striped dress

vestidos midi
5. Midi dress in purple

midi dresses