In today´s post we bring you the details from a beautiful wedding that we had the honor of being a part of. We are talking about Maria´s wedding, a #noviatothom that opted for a two-piece design that reflected her personality 100%. You can find more details about her wedding dress below.

Discover the wonderful wedding dress of Maria


We look back on each and every one of our fittings with Maria with great affection. A Tot-Hom bride who was the living image of kindness, joy and happiness. 

Her wedding dress consisted of two pieces. The first piece, a strapless dress made of crepe, with a V-neck cut front and back and an embroidered body.  And the second piece, a lovely cape coat with a  slightly raised collar with lined buttons on the top. A spectacular combination that looked even more sublime and elegant on Maria.

The final touch came in the form of perfect accessories. For the ceremony she chose a beautiful long veil, and for the dance, a white feather headdress.

We find it difficult to find the words to describe how spectacular it was. Thank you Maria for choosing us, for trusting the entire Tot-Hom team. We feel so privileged to have dressed grandmother, mother and daughter for the big day!

Below, the bride herself shares some details and special memories from the big day.

  • What did you like most about your dress?

That´s a difficult question to answer, the truth is I absolutely loved my dress. I hadn´t given much thought to my wedding dress to be honest, but when I saw it I just knew it had to be that one. The embroidery is beautiful, the tail of the coat was also spectacular, the little buttons on the sleeves and collar, all of it.

  • Do you have any special memories from the moments leading up to the ceremony?

 When my grandparents arrived to the venue, it was the moment I thought, “now we can start the wedding”, it made me relax and feel at ease. I was very lucky to get to experience this with them by my side!

  • What was the best advice you received about choosing your dress?

I was lucky to always be accompanied by my grandmother and my mother. In fact, both my mother and grandmother wore dresses by Tot-Hom and they looked so beautiful.

 All the advice and comments I received were very valuable. My grandmother has always told me, “You have the trend on one hand and you on the other hand, stand out, don´t be one more trend.” Andrea was very supportive of my idea since she insisted a lot that the dress had to reflect me and my personality.

  • What advice would you give to future brides when choosing their dress?

It is very important to be comfortable and feel spectacular. And if you can, always go with someone special to you to try on dresses and do the fittings, you will look back on those moments with a lot of affection.

  • Did you husband make any comments about your dress?

He said it was beautiful. He was very impressed. He loved it, and thought it had a lot of personality and character.

  • In three words, describe how you felt in your wedding dress that day?

Beautiful, secure and fortunate .


Photo credit: Robert Marcillas

Videographer: Daniel Bencomo

Headdress: Ruis de Forn

Shoes: Serena Whitehaven

Catering: Celler de Can Roca

Lighting and sound: Sona

Flowers: RG

Furniture: Opera

Singer: Lexter and Promusic

DJ: Be.tuned


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