When a soon-to-be Tot-Hom bride makes an appointment to see our bridal collection, we prepare to receive her with a lot of enthusiasm and always thanking her for choosing us in such an important day in her life.

With Maria José everything was perfect when we met at the atelier we had a special connection with her, we choose the dress together, a small jewel, an haute couture classic cut dress, backless, with a hand-embroidered body. The skirt, tight to her waist, gave volume to the dress. A thorough work where we took care of all the details.

If we had to describe the total look of the bride it would certainly be a bride to love. For this special day she completed her look with a romantic veil supported in a semi-crown of flowers on her hairdo. The sophisticated delicacy of this Tot-Hom bride captivated us.

Undoubtedly, Maria Jose has been a very special bride. She have off elegance test after test and she became a happy bride who wore the dress she had always dreamed of on her big day. Thank you very much for trusting Tot-Hom, you looked beautiful.

Here are the fabulous pictures of the bride, taken by Noemí Jariod.