Elegance is naturalness, distinction and beauty. For Tot-Hom there is no real elegance if there isn’t naturalness, that is, to display yourself as you are, so that what others see about us responds to our true selves. Elegance doesn’t have to be noticed, it has to be there and that is how we experienced it with Carolina, one of our brides.

For her big day she chose a tailor-made dress where the exquisite personality of the bride was marked. The top was made of guipure, backless, with long sleeves. A pencil skirt followed the amazing top. On top of it she wore a princess cut skirt that clung to the waist and emphasized her femininity. Her hair was adorned with a floral headdress that held the thin veil and completed Carolina’s elegant, natural and beautiful look.

A custom dress, made with great care, which we are proud to show today in our blog, thanks to the photographs of the bride.









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