We could say that a beautiful hand bag is the key accessory to every feminine look. How could we live without it when it carries everything essential for our day to day lives. Today we want to introduce you to the new leather bags by Tot-Hom, hopefully you love them as much as we do. 

Discover the new leather handbags by Tot-Hom

bolsos de piel tot-hom

It’s not the first time that Tot-Hom has designed a handbag, in fact last winter we launched our first handbag collection and they were so well received we had to give it another go. 

When we decided to design the perfect handbag for a woman’s needs we immediately knew which characteristics it had to have:

  • It needs to be a medium to large bag so all of her essentials can fit inside
  • It needs a long strap so it can be worn across the body
  • It shouldn’t be too rigid
  • It should have an internal pocket
  • In a color that grabs you attention 
  • With gold metal details
  • It must be made in soft leather

And you can see the wonderful results of our labor of love. An extremely versatile design, with clean finishes and perfectly practical. 

It is available in several colors, blue, fuchsia, orange, and green. To add an extra dash of drama we made the strap in a different shade to give it a beautiful contrast.

You can find all the new leather bags in our stores in Barcelona and Madrid.

Which one is your favorite?

bolsos de piel fucsia

bolso de piel azul cielo tot-hom