Mª José, an haute couture bride. When a future bride comes to our atelier a magical moment always occurs when the excited bride shares her happy news of her wedding with us. For this reason, our goal is for them to enjoy the making of the wedding dress and that they look beautiful on of the most important days of their lives.

This week we talk about a beautiful bride who shared that magic moment with us on her first visit and conquered our hearts, MªJosé.

In Tot-hom we always want the bride to feel comfortable while wearing a well built design. On this occasion the bride wanted to be a bride but did not want a conventional dress. So with good judgment and closely with our team, MªJosé chose for her big day a round neck dress with decorative hand-stitched details and brocaded texture. A very elaborate design consisting of a body adhered to the bride’s figure and a classic cut skirt. A very practical, functional and with a New York air that looked perfect on her.

The groom’s mother also trusted us for her look and chose an haute couture buttoned dress with a pink belt that she completed with a pamela hat that made her look sophisticated and elegant.

Here are some pictures of this beautiful Tot-hom bride. We want to thank her for trusting our team, and let us dress her for such an important day. Thanks MªJosé!



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