The finale of the show for the Haute Couture line brought to life the magic of summer. The studied colour palette, exerts a common thread throughout the collection. The Mediterranean Sea at sunset inspired designers to create a collection full of sophistication and brand identity, where evening matures into memories of summer love.

Transparencies, rhinestones, sequins and feathers are combined with refined lines in silhouette dresses, bodysuits and exposed linings with transparencies and skirts with volume.


A wide range of pinks, blues and greens as well as indisputable white, black and red, fetish colours of the Catalan firm, are mixed with some prints, inviting you to dream. The ever-present floral fabric competes with the newcomer to the collection, gingham, a pattern that is destined to be the king of summer.

Short dresses, and long flowy dresses are the two chicest pieces of a collection filled with the Mediterranean essence of Tot-Hom.