Fall/Winter 18 Haute Couture takes us on a journey from warmer autumn landscapes to the coldest days of the season. The studied colour palette drives a common thread throughout the collection. The designers created garments full of sophistication, staying true to their design aesthetic, where evenings transform into warm memories on the coldest days.


The proposals for this season coexist in harmony. Sequins, rhinestones and feathers are fused with volume details, form-fitting dresses, jumpsuits, and pants capable of carving out their niche at the most exclusive events. Short, long and vaporous dresses combined with the two chicest pieces are the components for this winter collection by Tot-Hom.

Reds and garnets in varying tones, prints and embroideries lead the pantone of the runway, along with essential black and grey, cherished colours of the Catalan brand. The always present, floral print will stand out this winter for its oriental air and will compete for the top spot with the newest addition to the collection, an exquisitely feminine tuxedo jacket by the brand.