Haute Couture is a spectacle that elevates fashion to a form of art. Haute couture fashion is handmade from start to finish, with high quality fabrics, the best embroidery and the finest courses. Every detail is sewn with extreme attention and finished by the most experienced dressmakers.

In Tot-Hom, Haute Couture is not limited to a season, it’s timeless. Every design is made for a woman who wants to have a real treasure in her closet and who will be able to use it on the most important moments of her life.

In the workshop we manually work each design, which we create beforehand along with the client. A manufacturing process in which the entire Tot-Hom team works so that the final result is a real piece of artwork, which celebrates female beauty and radiates the greatest happiness of the woman who wears it. In conclusion, unique handmade luxury pieces.







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