As easy as it may seem, finding the perfect purse may prove more difficult than we think. Especially when talking about handbags for everyday wear.

For a woman the type of bag she carries daily is very important, it is there where she carries everything: from her wallet to her makeup bag, agenda, keys, foulard, mobile phone, iPad … and a long etcetera.

The best handbags for everyday wear

From what you can deduce, a woman needs an extra-large bag to put all her necessary paraphernalia. That is why a fundamental requirement is that the bag itself weighs as little as possible.

Another thing that a woman usually takes into account is that the handles are comfortable. To this end, there are two types of ideal handles, one that is long enough for one to hang the bag over the shoulder, and the other are handles of medium length, so the bag can hang on the arm at the elbow. Preference really depends on the style you like the most.

Among the best handbags for daily use, there is space, not just for large bags or shopping bags. Sometimes, all-terrain women appreciate smaller handbags that fit their needs. It’s a way of forcing yourself not to carry more weight than necessary. A cross-body shoulder bag, is perfect for fulfilling this function. In addition, it is one of the favourites among women who usually bike to work or for those who prefer to have their hands free while walking through the street.

Finally, we could not leave aside the design and quality of the bag in question. It is important that it is beautiful, that is made with quality materials and of course that it is right on trend.

Below we at Tot-Hom&Co have made a selection of three models we include in our list of the best handbags for everyday wear: a fringed tote bag by Tot-Hom, an extra-large bag with short handles by Cruciani, and a Lancaster cross-body bag. Which one would you take home?

 handbags for everyday wear

handbags for everyday wear

handbags for everyday wear