What to do about the style doubts of all those who are lost with their guest look? Today we want to guide and advise you so that your 2018 guest dress is infallible, following some Vogue recommendations for guests

Guest dress 2018, guide for the infallible dress code

For each location, a distinct look; except in surprise weddings (which are not the most common), celebrations of this type occur in a space well studied and chosen by the couple. It is important to always know the location (beach, field, church or palace) to discard styles that do not fit in the environment where the event will be held. Once you know the location and the season, you can start your search.

Remember, no costumes; First of all, you must feel like yourself and renounce the unnecessarily contrived. We know that it is a social event and, sometimes, it is easy to forget the meaning of this: to celebrate love and enjoy it with confidence. For that reason, it is preferable to do it from a sincere feeling: without ignoring the dress code (because the couple dictates), the choice starts with personal style.

Forget white at weddings and save that colour for baptisms and communions; White is a colour with many virtues, but at weddings it is totally forbidden. However, in christenings and communions they fit wonderfully well for guest looks.

To show off you do NOT have to suffer; the opposite old-school saying has become obsolete. We said goodbye and good riddance a long time ago to extremely tight silhouettes, extreme stiletto heels (although not quite) and numerous kinds of hairpieces, they were nothing flattering. In its place we have granny shoes and espadrilles, wide patterns and light fabrics, a song to simplicity. Who agrees?

Adapt some trend to your outfit; If you have opted for a minimal garment, you should try to add trendy accessories. Or in the case of having bought a trendy dress, by subtle accessories.

Pay careful attention to the jewellery, especially earrings; The great era of earrings has arrived and the reality is that every type is accepted: ceramic, in XL, in a retro gold, hand crafted, the classic pearl is renewed, totally arty, informal look … They are the best investment for this spring (and summer).

Fashion and make-up go hand-in-hand; For the same reason that there is a dress or suit for each type of ceremony, there is also a makeup adapted to those circumstances. Naturalness reigns in beauty, to achieve it the main thing is to find the most durable allies, which adapt to each type of skin.