During the sales season shopping can be stressful, we can even experience anxiety because we can´t figure out what items are worth spending our money on. Here at Tot-Hom&Co we want to help you get organized, and for this reason, on today´s post we want to share with all of you the 5 pieces you should invest in that we guarantee you won´t regret.

5 pieces to invest in this sales season that you won´t regret

When we start our shopping expedition without a list of what we need we end of buying things for the sake of buying things. A habit that usually leaves us regretting the purchases we´ve made because we never seem to find the right moment to wear them. The consequences of which usually means many garments in our closets with the tags still attached.

That´s why it is very important to know what are the garments that we will really get some good mileage out of, pieces for the summer season or even looking ahead to autumn.

Below we have a sample of some of the essential items you should invest in this sales season. Garments that you can find on our online shop or in our multi-brand boutique in Barcelona.

1. Beige coat by Tot-Hom

You may be asking yourself, seriously a beige coat when it´s so hot out? Well, yea! Sometime you just have to take advantage of a good price when you see it, even if it means looking ahead to the next season. Remember a mid-season beige coat is a basic you can use for years to come. And now you can have it 50% off!

abrigo beige tot-hom

2. Special occasion dresses

You most likely have a wedding or special event coming up in the months ahead. It´s the perfect moment to invest in one of our dresses or jumpsuits, perfect for any special occasion. Beautiful designs, amazing colours and now with a 30% off the original price.

vestido invitada rebajas

3. Black sandals

Shoes are just one of those items that we usually need to replace season after season because we wear them down. That´s why sales are the perfect moment to invest in a new pair of sandals. There is nothing more essential in a woman´s closet than a pair of black sandals.

sandalias rebajas suecomma bonnie

4. White sleeveless blouse

It´s a piece you will get endless use out of. The traditional white shirt but in a cooler “summer version” will be fail proof. You can wear it with jeans, shorts or skirts. Believe us, you will get so much use out of it, adding style and ease to all your favourite garments. This fitted one by Aspesi is ideal.

prendas para invertir en rebajas

5. Oversized ankle pants

A garment that we are fascinated with for its wonderful design, comfort and freshness. It is the perfect pant for travelling, to go on holiday or to go to the office. Because of its incredible versatility it will be your best investment.

prendas para invertir en rebajas

There you have it, the 5 best pieces to invest in this sales season. As you can see a variety that will help you to create ideal looks and basic pieces that you will wear over and over again.