For the last few season linen has earned a privileged spot in our spring-summer wardrobes. That´s because this material is having its moment in the sun, converting linen garments into a favourite staple for women around the world.

Four linen garments you must have in your summer wardrobe

Today, linen is associated with elegance, good taste and femininity. A material that makes us feel comfortable, fresh and chic.

At Tot-Hom&Co we have given life to many linen garments over the years: blazers, blouses, shirts, dresses… We have also been daring enough to opt for linen in an array of colours. Colours like baby pink, turquoise blue, sky blue, pistachio green, purple, brown or green khaki just to name a few.

Linen blazer

A beige linen blazer is the perfect piece for creating a look that is both formal and relaxed.

prendas de lino

Midi dress in linen

A midi dress in linen is the best way to have a look that is practically complete with just one piece. Accessories will do the rest of the work. We recommend you opt for a purse made of natural fibres, a pair of mules or a pair of Spartan wedges, and voile, the perfect outfit.

prendas de lino

Linen blouse with Mao collar

A garment that has already won the title of “most indispensable wardrobe item”. Opt for a versatile design, loose and colourful. You won´t regret it.

blusa lino cuello mao

Linen shirt

The cool cousin of the linen blouse. In this case, a sky blue shirt with short sleeves, ideal for the sweltering days of summer. This shirt with guarantee freshness. You will be amazed at how many times this garment will solve your fashion dilemmas on a number of occasions.

linen garments

You will find all of these items and more available at our shop online and in our multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona