White is one of the most desired and reoccurring colours for many occasions, it’s a trend that intensifies during the summer and we never seem to tire of no matter how many years go by. At Tot-Hom&Co we declare ourselves unconditional lovers of this colour, that´s why this year we are opting for everything white. With that said, we would like to make a toast, a toast to an all-white summer. Are you in?

Let´s drink to an all-white summer

We have reconnected with the purest trend of all time. After semi-abandoning this colour during the colder winter months, we return to her filled with more desire than ever, and this time around we are so keen on her that we are opting a “more is more” attitude. How? With head-to-toe looks in all white. Looks that will be synonymous with purity, calmness, tranquillity, and exquisiteness. An angelic trend that we can wear for countless occasions: to go to the beach, for an evening stroll, out for cocktails… total white looks are perfect for the day but are also amazing for summer nights. Anything goes!

At Tot-Hom&Co we have prepared the ideal ensembles set to become part of the summer revolution and bring out your coolest side. Outfits that come in the form of midi dresses, short dresses, XL dresses, Ibiza style dresses, flowy skirts … The latest garments from the Line A and Prêt-à-Porter collection by the firm.

But what´s the key to making these looks stick out? Combine them with colourful accessories, like necklaces, a handkerchief, a fun bag or shoes. The contrast will turn your look into a perfect 10.

Get your suitcase ready because you´ll want to take more than one of these garments with you on your next vacation. Are you in for an all-white summer?