In today´s post we bring you a new Tot-Hom bride. A bride who, after hesitating between several designs, ended up choosing the one that made her feel the most special from the very first moment. We have all the details of Eva´s wedding dress, below. 

Eva´s wedding dress


After trying on many designs and much back and forth, Eva ended up trusting her gut instincts and chose the dress that from the first moment she knew was HER dress. Trusting her instincts was definitely the right choice. 

The chosen dress had a minimalist design with spaghetti straps, a low back and tulle skirt. Its simplicity and lightness fit perfectly with Eva´s spirit and personality. 

Today we sat down and talked with Eva and she explained to us about the preparations leading up to the wedding, how she felt on her big day and what her husband said when her first laid eyes on her in her dress. 

We want to thank you so much Eva for letting us be part of the most beautiful day in your life. You were stunning!

  • What did you like most about your dress?

What I liked most, without a doubt, was its simplicity and how it made me feel When I put it on for the first time, I felt that that was THE dress. (I know that´s what everyone says)

  • Any special memories during the moments leading up to the ceremony?

So many it´s difficult to choose. 

  • What was the best advice you got about choosing a wedding dress?

The best advice I received was that I had focus on how the dress made me feel. I went two or three time to Tot-Hom to try on dresses and was torn between two or more. They are all so beautiful, that choosing is very complicated. But Andrea told me, “Eva you have to choose the one that makes you feel something, I already know what it is because it shows….”. And I told her, “It´s true, THIS is the one.”

  • What advice would you give to future brides when it comes to choosing their dress?

I would tell them to enjoy the whole process because it flies by. And to choose the dress that makes them feel something, and one that fits their personality. And if you want a two-meter train, put it on, like I did. It´s your day and you´re never going to get another one like it. 

  • Did your husband comment on the dress?

Yes, he said it was very me. And that I was gorgeous. 

  • In three words, how did you feel in your dress that day?

Simple, elegant, like a princess. 


vestido de novia

vestido de novia

vestido de novia tot-hom

tot-hom wedding dress

tot-hom wedding dress

tot-hom wedding dress

tot-hom wedding dress



Photographer videographer:Natalia Cedres

Florists: Mercedes Coma y Flores Bahí.

Headdress: Inés Borrell @monpot

Shoes: Serena whitehaven y Sea people

Lighting, set-up and sound: Óscar y su equipo de @soundworks_pro