Finally, spring holidays are just around the corner and we can´t wait to start packing our bags. We know that for many of you packing can be very stressful, for that reason we want to share with all of you a list of essential garments that you must add to your suitcase for the spring holiday so you will have spot on outfits no matter your vacation destination. Get ready to take notes.

These are the essentials you need in your suitcase for the Spring holiday

The first relaxing days of the year are almost upon us. A few days where you can disconnect with the stress around you and reconnect with yourself. At Tot-Hom&Co we have found 5 garments that absolutely need to be in your suitcase no matter what your vacation destination might be.

These are the essentials you need so you can start preparing outfits that are impeccable yet versatile.

A pair of jeans

No matter where you go a good pair of jeans can save almost any look. We are probably talking about the most versatile garment and the easiest one to combine, which is exactly why you must have a pair in your suitcase.

suitcase for the Spring holiday

A mid-season jacket

Even though we are hoping for good weather, a mid-season jacket is always a good idea. And very likely the evening will be a little chilly, which is why a light trench coat is fundamental. Our suggestion, choose one in a beige tone as it is easy to combine with just about everything.

suitcase for the Spring holiday

A pair of sneakers

Even though you are most likely thinking about packing multiple pairs of shoes, one of those should definitely be a pair of sneakers. A comfortable shoe is essential, even if they are just to wear during your travels or to wear during the day to have that extra bit of comfort.

suitcase for the Spring holiday

A dress

Throw a dress in your suitcase that you can wear for that special night on your holiday, the night you go out for dinner and drinks. A black strappy dress is always a winner.

suitcase for the Spring holiday

A white t-shirt

A wonderful resource that never fails. As the day progresses temperatures will likely rise and you will want to take advantage and enjoy those warm rays of sunshine. A white short sleeved t-shirt is the perfect item. You can combine it with a blazer, or throw a button up shirt on top to create looks that are a perfect 10.

suitcase for the Spring holiday

That´s it for our list of essentials for your Easter holiday suitcase. You can find all of these items plus many more in our online shop.