The time has come to unveil our 5 essential looks for summer. These looks were made for grabbing attention, looks you will love and that we are sure will make you feel stunning on a variety of occasions.

Essential looks for summer

Every summer we have our favourite outfits that make us feel fabulous, comfortable, and happy in our own skin. And when we are in this state of mind we look even more beautiful.

As many of you already know, at Tot-Hom&Co we love inspiring you with ideal outfits and garments for a variety of occasions. So here we go!

1. Total look in white

A basic par excellence. This year we wanted to give a presence and personality to the two pieces that make up this look. On the one hand, a tunic with side opening and closed neck, and on the other, oversize long pants. The combination is truly immaculate.

total look blanco

2. Long navy blue vest

There are some garments that have that special something, and this is precisely the case with Dorothee Shumacher’s long navy blue vest. Having a special garment like this in your closet allows you to create looks with a lot of presence and personality.

looks de verano imprescindibles

3. Jeans and Aspesi trench coat

If there is a basic that never seems to go out of style no matter how many years go by, it’s Aspesi’s jackets and trench coats. And we’re blown away by this trench in beige. Finite, light and ideal for day or cooler evenings. You´ll never want to take it off!

looks de verano imprescindibles

4. Bermuda shorts and jumpers

If there is a garment that is monopolizing the attention in the world of fashion, a garment that we won´t stop seeing this season, it is the Bermuda short. If you´re shopping for your first pair, we recommend this one in beige. You can combine it, with absolutely everything, and if you are vacationing somewhere cooler, we love it with a fine knit navy sweater.

bermudas beige

5. Mid-season windbreak

A good coat is the typical piece that our mothers always told us we had to have and this one by Tot-Hom is particularly spectacular. The draping, the tail in the back, the colours … As you can see, it pairs perfectly with jeans for day wear. But we also visualize it with a total white look and good wedges for more formal looks.

looks for summer

You have all the items available at our online shop and in our multi-brand boutiques. Which of these summer looks will you be unable to resist?