It’s the end of the month. We leave aside the thread and needle to take a break and enjoy a chat with influential people and fashion lovers who tell us interesting things. The same seven questions but never the same answers. Today we talk to Mónica de Tomás…

Mónica de Tomás is a model, blogger and reporter. She is versatile and multitalented. She has been and is the image for many prestigious brands and she has received many awards during the last year. With her blog, Monimoleskine, she opens a daily window to the last fashion trends.

Mónica de Tomás Tot-Hom

What can we find in your closet? Basics or trendy garments? A little bit of everything… I like to buy basics because they are always useful: cashmere sweaters, a good blazer, coats, jeans… but I also buy trendy garments.

What color do you wear when you want to be sure you will cause a good impression?  Black. For a cocktail a LBD (Little Black Dress) is a must. A black tuxedo and a white shirt is also a good option.

What can we find inside your purse? Everything! Hahaha!  My bag could serve as a weapon. It’s always full and it weighs a lot because my day could change in minutes and I have to be cautious. I carry my cellphone (I can’t live without it), ipad, lipstick, sunglasses, wallet, tissues, a foulard, sometimes a pair of ballerinas, camera, agenda…

What is your beauty routine? Cleaning and hydrating are my basics. Also, sometimes, I go to the beauty salon for a facial cleansing. Every now and then, I also apply a moisturizing mask and let it work overnight.

Who is your fashion icon? I have tons but since I was little it has been Audrey Hepburn. I remember her wearing Givenchy in many of her movies and she looked so elegant. As far as designers go: Balenciaga and my beloved Elio Berhanyer.

With what Tot-Hom line do you feel most identified with? Truth is with all of them but I tend to wear a lot the Haute Couture line.

If you had to define Tot-Hom with one word, which would you choose? Timeless elegance.

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