It’s the end of the month. We leave aside the thread and needle to take a break and enjoy a chat with influent people and fashion lovers who tell us interesting things. The same seven questions but never the same answers. Today we talk to Judit Mascó…

Judit Mascó is a mom, a model and a TV host. When she was 13 years old she did her first TV commercial but it wasn’t until she was 17 when she travelled to Milan and started her career as a professional model. Since then, she has participated in the most important international catwalks, her image has been on the cover of the most prestigious magazines, she has written two books, she has hosted numerous galas and events… and the list keeps going! Judit Mascó is a versatile woman who now, combines her work at the media, with being the image of numerous campaigns, hosting different events and being the mother of four beautiful daughters.

What can we find in your closet? Basics or trendy garments? In my personal closet I have many more basics, for I don’t like risking too much when facing something that doesn’t make me feel safe or that doesn’t adapts to my character. I am a comfortable person and when I am not working I dress according to my personality. And for photo shoots, events or professional work, I usually have brands, trusted stores or good stylists who advise me and that’s when I choose to be more risky and go with the latest trends.

Judit Masco Tot-Hom

What color do you wear when you want to be sure you will cause a good impression? If I want to be sure, I choose white or black. If I want to be a little bit more daring I choose red.

What can we find inside your purse? It depends on the day but what I always carry with me is my cellphone, agenda, glasses and lip balm.

What is your beauty routine? Being constant and careful is my motto. I keep good care of my hair and skin, for part of having a youthful look is having healthy hair and skin. Whatever happens, I always remove my makeup before going to sleep. Every week or every fifteen days I do a more thorough facial cleansing to eliminate dead cells. This is a good way for your moisturizer to penetrate better in your skin. And I find it very important to keep myself hydrated, on the outside and the inside (by drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables). Oh! And I always take my dosis of Omega3, for it is a cell anti-inflammatory and regenerator. If you are constant, it gives very good results. All of this combined with having healthy habits and exercising moderately. Now I am more aware that I have to take better care of myself. 

Who is your fashion icon? I have always admired Audrey Hepburn, for her style, and personality, for her class and quality as a human being.

With what Tot-Hom line do you feel most identified with? I love all of them! There is a line for every occasion. During the day, I feel identified with the Prêt-à-Porter young line which is comfortable, minimalist and perfectly combinable with sneakers of flat shoes. For the night I love the sofistication and elegance of the Haute Couture line by Tot-Hom. The night gowns are so perfectly made that they are works of art. I want to congratulate Marta Rota and all her team!

If you had to define Tot-Hom with one word, which would you choose? It is an example of savoir faire.

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