It’s the end of the month. We leave aside the thread and needle to take a break and enjoy a chat with influential people and fashion lovers who tell us interesting things. The same seven questions but never the same answers. Today we talk to Estefanía from Miss Cavallier

Estefanía is a wedding blogger in Confesiones de una boda, one of the most popular blogs in Spain, and a wedding planner in Miss Cavallier, a company that organizes weddings and events. Seven years ago, along with her friend Silvia, she decided to start this adventure and today she is a reference in the bridal industry.

Estefanía Miss CavallierWhat can we find in your closet? Basics or trendy garments? A bit of both. I think it is very important to have trendy accessories and garments but my closet is filled with basics. They are the key, along with your personality and style, to achieve a good look every day.

What color do you wear when you want to be sure you will cause a good impression? If it’s a good dress, I choose red or burgundy. Right now I tend to pick printed garments so it’s hard for me to decide on one color but I think I would pick red.

What can we find inside your purse? It’s a mess. I just stick everything in and then I can’t find anything. I always have lip balm, my cell phone, fresh cologne and sun glasses.

What is your beauty routine? I don’t really have a routine; I just use moisturizer for dry skin and I try not to use the blowdryer much so that I don’t damage my hair.

Who is your fashion icon? Leandra Medine and Naty Abascal, they almost always know what to wear.

With what Tot-Hom line do you feel most identified with? Without a doubt the Haute Couture collection. There is nothing I love more than party dresses and guest looks, so that collection fascinates me.

If you had to define Tot-Hom with one word, which would you choose? Timeless elegance (it’s two words but I think that the hint is important).

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