It’s the end of the month. We leave aside the thread and needle to take a break and enjoy a chat with influential people and fashion lovers who tell us interesting things. The same seven questions but never the same answers. Today we talk to Cristina Reyes…

Cristina Reyes is a freelance fashion stylist. Among her clients are Isabel Preysler and her daughters, Tamara Falcó and Ana Boyer. She has her own blog about Fashion and she also collaborates with the HELLO! Magazine.

Alessandra de Osma y Cristina Reyes Tot-Hom
Alessandra de Osma y Cristina Reyes en Tot-Hom

What can we find in your closet? Basics or trendy garments? I have a lot of basics. My accessories though tend to be very trendy.

What color do you wear when you want to be sure you will cause a good impression? White, black and nude without any doubt. Oh! And I like to combine them, never in a monochromatic look.

What can we find inside your purse? Manu things… Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, Valentino wallet, LV change purse, Purell, an American disinfectant, basic make-up, several lip balms and 3 extra chargers for my iPhone.

What is your beauty routine? They take good care of me at Felicidad Carrera!! And I also take care of my skin at home every night by removing my make-up and applying night moisturizer, tonic and everything that is necessary.

Who is your fashion icon? Right now I would say Emma Stone but, actually, it has always been Jackie Kennedy…

With what Tot-Hom line do you feel most identified with? With the Prêt à Porter A Line.

If you had to define Tot-Hom with one word, which would you choose? Creativity.

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