It’s the end of the month. We leave aside the thread and needle to take a break and enjoy a chat with influential people and fashion lovers who tell us interesting things. The same seven questions but never the same answers. Today we talk to Anna Ponsa…

Anna Ponsa Lopez, better known as Miss Nobody, is one of the most popular bloggers right now in Spain. She is an architecture student who lives in Barcelona. She loves design, fashion and analog and digital photography.

Anna Ponsa Tot-Hom

What can we find in your closet? Basics or trendy garments? We find a little bit of everything but I like having good quality basics.

What color do you wear when you want to be sure you will cause a good impression?  Black.

What can we find inside your purse? My agenda, lipstick, concealer, cellphone…

What is your beauty routine? Clean my face, hydrate it and I usually use a BB cream, rouge and lipstick.

What is your fashion icon? I have many from Jane Birkin, Alexa Chung…

With what Tot-Hom line do you feel most identified? I’m in love with the nightgowns, they are unique dresses for unique moments. I would love to spend a day at the store trying things on and playing with my analog camera.

If you had to define Tot-Hom with one word, which would you choose? Elegance.

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