Elisa was one of those brides who had to change plans at the last minute due to restrictions caused by the pandemic. Despite these setbacks, she decided to adapt to current conditions and celebrate the day that she had been waiting for, for so long. It was an intimate family affair, where she impressed guest with a beautiful, embroidered wedding dress.

The Haute Couture design perfectly encapsulated her desire for a sleeveless crepe dress that would stand out for its elegance and simplicity.

The flower embroidery was strategically arranged all over the body of the dress, in both the front and back. Giving the dress a harmony and exquisite beauty.

Elisa´s beautifully embroidered wedding dress

vestido de novia bordado

Today we reminiscence about that day as we chat with Elisa so she can tell us first-hand all the emotions she felt that day.

What did you like most about your dress?

The embroidered flowers. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making the dress with Andrea and the rest of the team. We lovingly chose the pattern of the flowers, the material and shape of the petals and stem, etc.

Do you have any special memory during the moments leading up to the ceremony?

It was a small wedding, adapted to the current circumstances. I was calm, no nerves at all, I was only thinking about the big and exciting step that my husband and I were about to take.

The beauty salon that we set up at home and the best man’s speech were very funny moments before the ceremony!

What was the best advice you got about choosing the dress?

That I choose a designer that I love and whose aesthetic I identify with. That way it would be very easy to understand each other, trust each other and listen to their advice. It was clear to me that I wanted to make my dress at Tot-Hom and that I trusted the team 100%!

What advice would you give to future brides about choosing their dress?

Enjoy the process of searching, choosing, preparing, etc. They are unique moments!!

Did your husband comment on the dress?

I don´t remember what he said…I only remember his smile!!!!!

In three words, how did you feel in your wedding dress that day?

Very very happy!!!

Thank you very much Elisa for placing your trust once again in Tot-Hom. It was an honor to make the embroidered wedding dress you had always dreamed of come to fruition.

vestido de novia bordado tot-hom
vestido de novia bordado tot-hom
vestido de novia bordado tot-hom