Dress shirts are one of those basics par excellence in our closets. They are one of those wardrobe essentials that never disappoint and you never tire of. Today, from Tot-Hom&Co, we propose 6 super feminine shirts full of style. Dress shirts that will solve your mid-season looks, those months of the year that are difficult to dress for, but with our help you will be creating outfits that are scandalously wonderful.

6 dress shirts that will solve your mid-season outfit dilemmas

It´s inevitable, season after season we pay homage to one of the basics par excellence: the dress shirt. A garment of masculine vocation with immense versatility, with the ability to solve outfits for work, baptisms or for a jaunt down to the beach.

In the latest collection from the brands Line A and Pret-a-Porter lines, we wanted to give this garment the important role it deserves, making it the focal point of many looks that graced the runway. We opted for dress shirts in all their versions, from the traditional white dress shirt to ones with a reinvented pattern. How did we do it? By introducing feathers, playing with asymmetry and adding a new colour palette.

In our latest collections you can find short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, collared shirts, blue shirts, pink shirts, yellow shirts, asymmetrical shirts, shirts with feathers… A variety of garments designed to create looks that have an impact. The dress shirt is so powerful because it is easy to embellish and will hopefully continue to be our great ally season after season.

Below, we show you 6 of the most desired dress shirts of the season. Shirts that will solve your mid-season looks and that will become your best allies this spring / summer.

1. Yellow oversize shirtdress shirts
2. Beige shirt with French sleevesdress shirts
3. Traditional white shirtdress shirts
4. Blue short-sleeve shirtdress shirts
5. Shirt with feathersdress shirts
6. Mao collared asymmetric shirtdress shirts

If you want to see more options, you can do it here.