Yesterday was the big day, finally after so many hours of dedication and effort we were able to present our new Fall/Winter 2014/2015 collection in a runway show that we held in the Palace of Congresses in Barcelona.

We want to thank everyone for the congratulations and expressions of affection we’ve received, but above all we want to thank all of you for making Tot-hom a big family.

This season, our designer Marta Rota and her daughters, Andrea and Alexandra Osés, who are fully integrated in the designs of the collections, have focused on the ready-to-wear line. The results are garments and ensembles with a very casual air, but still keeping with the edge that sets TOT-HOM apart. Restrained elegance without fanfare, naturally chic and of course as always very feminine.

For this collection the focus has been on the TOT-HOM woman, a cosmopolitan urbanite, occupied and active, with sports being included as an essential complement to this season, which represents the final touch of a look that is unabashedly chic.

For DAY looks the proposal was Levites and short coats that complete ensembles of pants with pins in tones of marine, gray and black. Wales’ style plaid prints in black and white decorate the pants and layered skirts. Betting on the best of this winter season, reversible coats, comfortable, lightweight and easy to wear fabrics.

For EVENING looks, invariably the overture, as always, remained stunning, but more than every, minimalist. Very neat, carefully elaborated and exceptionally proportionate. Crêpe is the fabric the reigns the night, however not to be missed are the hand-embroidered Chantilly, silk gauze, shantung, and touch of leopard-print fantasy, and always present in TOT-HOM’s winter collections, very pure red.

We leave you with some snapshots of the runway, soon we will have photographs of the complete show.




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