One of the things we enjoy most as warmer seasons begin and the sun shines a little bit brighter is adding color and vitality to our outfits. Brushstrokes of fuchsias, oranges and blues are slowly introduced into our looks little by little to add that kick of energy to our daily lives. That is why today, from Tot-Hom&Co, we want to introduce you to the beautiful colorful looks that will revolutionize the upcoming season.

6 colorful looks for this spring

looks con color primavera

In our Line A collection for this spring/summer season we have incorporated garments in bright, joyful colors. Multicolor plaids, orange and blues make up an addictive color palette that have us longing to leave behind those dull and boring looks.
Jackets, parkas, midseason coats, dresses, tops and shorts are dyed in vibrant colors and come together to form looks that you will fall in love with.
Below we have 6 energetic looks we want to share with you, looks we are sure will revolutionize street styles of the moment. Solid garments and garments with prints, all so incredibly versatile, you can wear them together or separately.
Are you ready to add color to your looks, while simultaneously opting for quality, design and comfort?
You can find all of these items and so much more in our multi-brand shops in Barcelona.