New season, new colors, new garments… We can’t wait to show you the looks that come for this spring 2015! In less than a week we will present the new Tot-hom collection so today we want to review the colors that will be hot this season.

Different designers have wanted to reflect in their color palette an ‘anti-stress escape route’ inspired by the minimalist colors of nature and leaving aside the emerging artificiality. They have given strength to the eclectic, to the pale pastel, to the neutrality of nature and the ethereal, mixing it with a discreet shine. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, stated that these spring colors join the anti-stress movement and aim to disconnect us from technology and relax us.


This year fresh and soft tones merge with the subtlety of warm colors to create auras of tranquility. The star color is born in southern Italy: Marsala, an earthy red, like wine, full of sophistication. But 10 will be the colors of spring-summer 2015 according to Pantone Color Institute:

1. Glacier Grey: Its chromatic combinations with other hues have led it to become one of the colors of 2015. The Grey Glacier evokes silence and relaxation. It is serious, professional and its neutrality makes it one of the most versatile. Aquamarine and Marsala bring out its full potential. 2. Aquamarine: It is ethereal and relaxing, aqueous yet sober, inspired in air and freshness. His tone acts as a stress reducer. Its brightness is praised with similar colors like Grey Glacier orMarsala, with a higher contrast. 3. Lucite Green: It’s fresh, natural and clear, almost transparent, and it refreshes us like the mint essence.


 4. Scuba Blue: Inspired by the tropical waters, Scuba Blue condenses carefree joy in one color. It’s vitality and pure excitement and it takes us to an exotic fantasy. 5. Classic Blue: Inspires calm, confidence and harmony. It brings balance to the freshness of the palette and, just like the sea, it’s perceived as thoughtful, strong and reliable. 6. Strawberry Ice: A delicate and attractive color emitted by the flattering glow of pink with touches of subtlety and charm.


7. Marsala: the ‘Color of 2015’: Marsala is a shade between earthy red and red wine. It deliciously combines sensuality and courage with confidence and stability. Effusiveness, richness and good taste in the context of ease and sophistication. 8. Roasted Almond: This color balances cold and heat. A toasted shade that blends the essence of the organic with the authenticity of nature. 9. Custard: This color brings warmth and positive emotions. It is a tone that moves our memories into a delicious traditional dessert. 10. Tangerine: The color that brings vitality to the 2015 colors. It’s fun and jovial but with a spicy touch. Its tone reminds us of a juicy orange and agrees well with the energy of spring.



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