Citrus colors in the runways and the red carpet.

Colors like red or electric blue have been replaced with orange and its acidic versions in the runways, with concessions to colors such as tangerine. Important firms have been responsible for this proposal of bringing the most vibrant color palette for this season and, as you can see, in Tot-Hom we have joined the trend in our Haute Couture collection, giving all the attention to one-color citrus dresses in the form of powerful sensual designs, vaporous and elegant.

Citrus colors such as orange or yellow will be responsible for loading our garments with energy and personality this summer. In addition, you can choose among many shades: its acid, iridescent or more sweetened version. It is the perfect time to wear them for they will help you show off your tan after the first rays of sun. If your goal is to shine this summer, do not hesitate, give Vitamin ‘C’ to your ‘looks’!

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