We want to start the new year by taking a look back at the wonderful things we have enjoyed over the course of 2019. A year that we had the honor of dressing many influential people from the national an international spotlight. See our list of some of the celebrities dressed by Tot-Hom.

The celebrities dressed by Tot-Hom in 2019

There have been many influencers, actresses and famous personalities who we had the pleasure of dressing for some of the most exclusive and special events of the year, for example: : Isabel Presley, Paula Echevarria, Mar Flores, Tamara Falcó, Josie, Virginia Troconis, Martina Klein, Marta Lozano, Elena Sanchez, Sandra Gago, Eugenia Osborne, Carmen Lomana, Marta Torné, Rosanna Zanneti, Andrea Duro, Alex Riviere, Andrea y Patricia Sañes, Sandra Ibarra, Anna Roberto, Carla Hinojosa, Natalia Cebrian, Marta Oria, Noemí Galera, Marina Carmona, Fiona Ferrer, to name a few.

We want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for confiding in Tot-Hom and for making our designs shine brighter than ever.
Below we have a selection of some of the haute couture designs that were chosen and worn by some of the celebrities mentioned above.


celebrities vestidas por tot-hom 2019