In our bridal atelier by Tot-Hom, the story of the wedding dress begins with a sketch that takes roots on the wall along with some embroidered patchwork. Then, the drawing becomes a pattern designed to scale to suit the perfectly marked volumes… After many hours of work and several fittings, we can finally say the haute couture wedding dress is finished. This is the journey of our bridal dresses that starts with an idea and travels a long way to reach its goal: to dress a radiant bride.

Our pattern designers transform a paper draft into a real dimension, anticipating movement, precision and balance of the dress.

The most sophisticated fabrics, like silk organza, delicate lace, muslin, shantungs and tulle – in its most delicate and fine versions- are some of the materials chosen in our bridal atelier by Tot-Hom. Details are our added value, which is why we work meticulously and delicately with the chosen materials. Paillettes, pearls, flowers and gemstone will make the bride dress design magical.

The magic moment is once we have finished the dress and the bride tries it on for the first time in front of the mirror and gives us a huge smile.

Bridal atelier by Tot-HomBridal atelier by Tot-Hom (2) Bridal atelier by Tot-Hom (3) Bridal atelier by Tot-Hom (4) Bridal atelier by Tot-Hom